Well, hello!

Hi, I'm Carl aka @cgbystrom. I'm a twenty-something software engineer and music lover. Currently living in Uppsala, Sweden where I also happen to work.

When not doing work related development I enjoy hacking on open-source projects. One pet project is the load testing tool Locust, which I started a few years back. Since then its been used to load test lots of sites with Battlelog probably being the biggest. A list of my open-source endeavors can be found on my GitHub page.

Music, please

When not hacking on projects at work or at home, I usually find my way to the concerts. So far, too many to actually keep track I'm afraid. Really enjoy playing the guitar, especially acoustic. Will probably try to take on the piano. But to be honest, there's quite some practice left before I can call myself even remotely proficient with it.

As for listening to music, its mostly indie pop in my headphones these days. Or whatever you label that genre. Last.fm can probably explain my habits better. Spotify is also a very dear service for consuming music.

From the interwebz

Yes, I do use a couple of services here and there. Try finding me on one of these listed below or simply drop me an e-mail, cgbystrom@gmail.com.